C4 GP 07 1.6 Handbrake Faulty on then straight off?

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C4 GP 07 1.6 Handbrake Faulty on then straight off?

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Hi all

I had an issue with handbrake faulty with ESP/ASR codes and service lights, which after a couple days turned into all those codes with anti pollution error, turned out the EGR was playing up and was replaced.

Since then 4 weeks later i've had Handbrake faulty flash up not long after starting the engine, but it was on then off just had time to read it. I remember I've seen this error a couple times since owning the car just over a year now. I park on a slight downward slope outside my house and i'm sure it flashed up twice after reversing backwards. I was wondering if this can be a common faulty with handbrake faulty flashing up but no errors or service lights? I'm dreading driving it incase it starts the full handbrake faulty, ESP,ASR and Pollution error again haha