Best C5 for reliability

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Best C5 for reliability

Post by Forrester123 »

I have a '57 C5 & looking generally at the forum '58 X models seem to suffer more problems than mine.
Is this a fact? I'm pleased with mine atm. :-D

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Re: Best C5 for reliability

Post by Sloppysod »

Depends what you call a problem, my Mk1 C5, had times when it would not start, rear doorlock siezed, front to back suspension pipe failure, rear calipers corroding, Antipollution issues...... whereas the X7 I have now, Steering rack, ..can't think of anything else major...., it has never failed to start so I would say, personally the X7 is a more reliable car.

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Re: Best C5 for reliability

Post by mickthemaverick »

I have now had 3 Mk1 C5s and they have all been exceptionally reliable as far as running and suspension and steering are concerned. I had a fuel vapourisation issue with my HPi which has been well documented and was resolved by the addition of a cooler on the injection overflow return. I had the more recent electrical gremlins in the sat nav ecu but neither of those issues stopped me getting anywhere on time so in my book the cars were reliable. As far as leaks, corrosion and wear is concerned, they are very much down to the amount of regular care the car is given. If you look after it properly it will give exceptionally reliab;le service, :-D