C2 abs pump

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C2 abs pump

Post by P33_CHM »

Hi all

First Post here.

I am having an issue with my c2 vts.

I have replaced the abs pump with the matching number pump. Even changed the old ecu over to the new pump but still the car is showing the error code.

Im looking for someone close to stoke on trent if possible that had a lexia to be able to recode the pump to my vehicle?

All the wiring and fuses and everything else has been checked and I've been told it now needs to be recoded to my car.

Thanks for the help

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Re: C2 abs pump

Post by ozvtr »

Do you have an error code or is it just that the light is on?

The ECU does not have to be coded but the light might need to be reset (the error codes cleared).

IF you have fixed the problem AND it's just that the light needs to be reset, a scan tool should be able to clear the codes. Some auto stores can do this.