Hydraurinçage - now discontinued

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Hydraurinçage - now discontinued

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With this product now unavailable almost everywhere, I have had this today from Total UK:

" Thank you for your enquiry into the above product. I have done some investigation and this product was withdrawn from the UK market in 2012, as a company we did continue to manufacture this for other markets for several years more, but this was withdrawn globally in 2018. I have been advised by our UK technical manager this was a product used to flush the system before toping up with a LHM fluid, I have been advised the product to use for the flushing now would be the LHM fluid itself. "

The previous Citroen part no. was 1135001 (1 × 5-litre), but this has now been deleted.

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Re: Hydraurinçage - now discontinued

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Another nail Chris....