2009 308SW Door Mirror Folding.

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2009 308SW Door Mirror Folding.

Post by Alek Smart »

Hi all.
My drivers door mirror folds back on command,and automatically when doors are locked.
The Nearside mirror also folded until 18 months ago,when it ceased to operate.
Now there is No sound,but it can be folded manually.
Any thoughts ? :?:

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Re: 2009 308SW Door Mirror Folding.

Post by GiveMeABreak »

Several possibilities:

1) The mirror motor has failed
2) Is the mirror still electrically adjustable? If so, it may still be a broken wire that relates to the motor part of the mirror. Check the wiring in the rubber tubing from the door to the A pillar to see if one of those has broken due to stress (door opening and shutting).

Although it's a 2018 model - it may still be under warranty. If you're not sure pop your VIN up and I can see when the warranty started.