Berlingo 1.9D issues.

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Berlingo 1.9D issues.

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Good evening,

First post so please be kind. Brought a Berlingo DW8 with the timing belt having failed, have since replaced the engine like for like. Timing belt changed prior to engine fitment. Covered approximately 200 miles since engine replacement was driving mostly fine with a slight stutter at higher RPM under load. Driving condition deteriorated during a long journey to the point where max speed was capped at around 50mph, white smoke present from exhaust and EML flagging on and off. Has now reached the point where it will start after prolonged cranking but misfires on idle and billows white smoke. If revved will stall as the revs drop and will often stall just idling. Condition does not improve when left to warm up. It has the Lucas pump with advance solenoid, needle lift sensor is functioning as is the crank sensor. Resistance across advance solenoid is 12.3ohms unsure on the specification and the solenoid seems to receive constant battery voltage with the engine running. Wondering if anyone has any knowledge on the running specs for this solenoid and whether the symptoms would correlate if faulty. EML is active on the dash but unable to scan due to pre OBD compliance and I don’t have access to Lexia (unless anyone in Kent could help out!) any thoughts greatly appreciated.