Intermittent Rev & Speed Dials

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Intermittent Rev & Speed Dials

Post by stokiedez »

Hi, hoping someone can assist please. I have a 2011 1.6 Diesel Berlingo. It's done 80,000 and has always been relatively trouble free and reliable. However, of late, at the start of some journeys (first few minutes), the speed and rev dials all of a sudden drop to 0 for a few seconds before coming back to the correct position. This can occur for a few times within the first few minutes of the journey. I don't notice any other symptoms such as loss of power etc, everything else seems fine. After the few minutes have passed the car drives absolutely fine.

Any suggestions on where to start would be appreciated!

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Re: Intermittent Rev & Speed Dials

Post by ozvtr »

The cluster receives all of it's information on the CAN BUS from the BSI (glovebox fuse box). The BSI receives that information from various other ECU's around the vehicle.

Are you getting any warning lights on the dash when this happens?
IF YES, is it the engine and ABS? Possibly the ABS ECU or a CAN BUS fault.
IS IT NO? Just the dials? If it is only the dials, I would say there is a fault in one of the regulators in the cluster. Perhaps a capacitor, as it starts working when it "warms up".