308 SW MKII (2014) Key won't turn after reassemble

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308 SW MKII (2014) Key won't turn after reassemble

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Hi all!

I have followed your forum for a long time and always found solid info on my issuses with my 308 SV (2014), but this time I can't find any discussions on the subject. Here's my dilemma.

After reassemble i can not turn the key in the barrel. Electronics all work like before.

I have had a squeeking steering column for a while and wanted to try and lube the joint with some silicone spray to remove the noise.
To access I removed the steering wheel (disconnected battery and respected the 3 min rule first) and the com 2000 (?) to get better access. I also removed the cables and the switch behind the ignition switch barrel. After lubing the joint I reassembled it all.
I then tried to turn the key to start but the key wouldn't turn. It just starts to turn but stops as soon as the steering wheel lock is engaged.
I have tried all methods found on the I-net: tapping the key, jurking the steering wheel, WD-40... nothing works.
So after unmounting it all again i have take a few pictures to illustrate.
All electronics seems to work. I have even managed to start the car with the key in the barrel by turning the switch behind to put it in start.
It seems to be a mechanical issue with the barrel and the steering wheel lock.
Is there an anti-theft clip or similar that blocks the barrel if the switch behind is removed?
I can see a spring or a pin that seems to move when you remove the switch.
Im desperate to find out if there is anything I can do.

Anyone with experience of this issue?

The part number is: 9673257480

Thanks in advance!