Problem with C3, wont start

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Problem with C3, wont start

Post by Brobin »


My C3 was in a minor accident so that the airbags got deployed. The airbags are however now replaced with new and the ECU is resetted to default. However the car does not start still start and according to the diagnostics the oxygen sensor must be changed. The problem is that the gasoline pump does not seem to start and therefore wont the engine run, could anyone help me with in how i will get the enginepump to run?

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Re: Problem with C3, wont start

Post by myglaren »

See if there is a switch that cuts the fuel supply on an impact that would set the airbags off. Usually in the engine bay with a red top.

I believe that newer cars have this as part of the ECU, may need a diagnostic machine to reset it.
Some have it in the fusebox and it operates on the immobiliser.

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Re: Problem with C3, wont start

Post by GiveMeABreak »

Yes, there is a fuel cut off device and the central airbag ECU cannot be ‘reset’ it needs replacing as once the pyrotechnics are triggered, the ECU writes the non-erasable data to the unit. Also don’t overlook the seat belt pre-tensioners too that need replacing if you have them.