Coolant fan test from the battery.

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Coolant fan test from the battery.

Post by seanrx »

Hi all.
I have a Mk2 petrol that always needs its sidelights replaced.

While the bumper was off, I tested ( or attempt too ) my non working fan.
I unplugged connectors and used jump leads from battery to fan connectors.

+ to white and - to red, perhaps. ( This was last year )
Is my method correct, or I fail somewhere?
Bumper off again this year and so I finally want to fix this coolant fan.

Note, I know and read all the relay/wire problems.
Fan testing only, easy steps first.

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Re: Coolant fan test from the battery.

Post by steen2345uk »

hi not sure this be same but Renault MK1 scenic ign of unplug sensor wire on temp sensor switch ign on fan works turn of ign plug wire back in fan stops