Why does not my C3 start

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Why does not my C3 start

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I bought a C3 that was in a minor crash and the aribags where deployed. The car is from 2013 and i took used airbags from a 2012 similar car. The airbags seems to be the same but the ECU in the 2012 car has has different serial number compared to my 2013 car. Anyways, the new airbags are in place in the car and orginal ECU is also in place, however the airbag lights are on on the dashboard and the engine wont fire upp. The start engine runs but it seems like the fuel pump does not run, is this something that is connected with the airbag ECU and if i send the orignal ECU for resetting this problem should be solved. Or does the Airbag ECU shut of the fuelpump?

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Re: Why does not my C3 start

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It is essential you get the correct unit for your car or it may cause problems or not even go off in an accident. The Airbag ECU can have 4 or 12 pyrotechnic ignition modules depending on variant.

The Airbag ECU must be replaced if any of the pyrotechnic components have been triggered.

Yes, the Airbag ECU sends data to the engine ECU and the BSI to cut off the electrical supply to the fuel pump in the even of triggering.