XM 2.0 lt Turbo CT ('93 cross-over model) mid-range hesitation

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XM 2.0 lt Turbo CT ('93 cross-over model) mid-range hesitation

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Greetings to all you persevering XM owners!
I have a 2.0 lt Turbo CT ('93 cross-over model), and it has always had a mid-range lack of power. It seems to be hesitating, and you feel it wants to go hard but can't seem to get it all together. We have checked spark leads, changed the plugs, checked injectors and injector pressure. It recently blew a head gasket and we checked lots of possible issues as we replaced it, but still no real change. I think the guys checked the turbo hose connections as well. It's returning a not so economical 9-11 lts/100 km.

There is a crack in the turbo housing, but I doubt this is the problem. apparently this is a very common problem with this particular turbo.

I am guessing it is something to do with the engine management system. Has anyone got anything to offer on this issue? Were they gutless from the beginning, or do I have a fixable problem? I would expect a 2.0 lt Turbo to go like a rocket, and in fact the data sheets on comparison sites have them not far behind the V6 non-turbo donk. What can you tell me?

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Re: XM 2.0 lt Turbo CT ('93 cross-over model) mid-range hesitation

Post by CitroJim »

The TCT should go quite well if all is well...

It's worth checking the little pipe that connects the MAP sensor in the Injection ECU to the inlet manifold...

Worth checking for air leaks everywhere from the turbo onward...

Also, do you have a manual boost controller fitted or is everything standard?

Have you had it on a Lexia/ELIT for diagnostics and a view of live data from the ECU?

Where is the crack on the turbo? Having owned many TCT powered cars in the past and having lots if experience of them I've never been aware of any tendency for the turbo to crack... I'd say this is very unusual and exceptional... Where did you learn the cracking issue is a common one?