C4 Window regulator seems stuck

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C4 Window regulator seems stuck

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My driver's side rear window was broken by vandals, I got hold of a replacement, cleaned out most of the broken glass and was trying to figure out how to get the new window in.
I was moving the regulator up and down to try to get a view of it, it's very hard to see, and it went to the top and wouldn't come back down.
I can feel it moving about 3 cm in either direction when I press the window button but something seems to be stopping it.
I've traced the cable with my fingers all the way around and it seems fine, very tense on the bottom side of the regulator going down, a bit more slack the other side of the wheel or whatever it is it's going around at the bottom of the door.
I can feel the cable at all points is moving with the regulator for the very short amount of movement I do get from it.
I can't really see anything inside the door and by feel I can't really figure out how it works - any suggestions to get it to come back down?