Belingo rear door handle

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Belingo rear door handle

Post by Morg66 »

Hi all my first post, does anyone know how to remove the rear door, door handle on a 2013 berlingo van mine is leaking I've tried putting some silicone around rubber gasket both sides but it still leaking. Just can't figure out how it comes off, from inside it looks like a big plastic piece but can't see any screws or nuts anywhere.

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Re: Belingo rear door handle

Post by quintet »

Its a long time since i've done one but the early berlingo van rear door handles were riveted on using (extra massive!) rivets with a plastic surround on them, bit of a weird set up imo but because they had large rivets holding them on a conventional rivet gun won't work when you come to refit it, the rivets required are too big.

The retaining rivets i recall looked something like this ... ear%3A2005 BUT your vehicle being a much later model they may have changed how they are fitted.