duel mass fly wheel

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duel mass fly wheel

Post by john321plo »

i have a 308 sw sport hdi 1.6 diesel ,clutch needs replaceing as it as started to slip ,been told the car as a dmf
so wanted to know will i need a clutch plate that is solid or with springs ,as i was told that a solid one is right as the dmf will do the work on the spring side ,
i have had a luk repset pro 3 piece kit witch as the solid clutch plate am ok with this going in the car

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Re: duel mass fly wheel

Post by GiveMeABreak »

It’s recommended you replace both clutch and DMF as the existing DMF very likely won’t outlast a new clutch.

We can help you out with live PSA part numbers specifically for your PSA vehicle, for anything you may need which will cover you for up to 2 years, but we ask for a min. £10 Forum donation as we are charged for this now.

Follow the Donate link at the top of the page and pop your VIN up if this is something you feel will benefit you.