Anti Pollution fault c3 Picasso finally fixed

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Anti Pollution fault c3 Picasso finally fixed

Post by Harryboy »

Hi there I have just joined this forum

I have had a C3 Picasso on a 59 plate 1.6 HDI since November 2019 .... I have nothing but problems with it cutting out since i got it anti pollution fault

Anyhow i dont use it that much its a second car 2 months ago i decided to start to tackle the problem

This is my my local Citroen specialists view he's is independent not a main has lexia and diaxbox etc all the corrrect equipment for reading the ECU

Problem 1 .... engine managment light on anti pollution ...light stayed on limp mode ...high temperature EGR ... happened a few times ... changed EGR vallve with a new Valeo ( Original ) he does not use the replica parts from Euro parts etc £470 fitted .... this fixed the limp mode and the smelly diesel smell on start up

Problem 2 ...Anti pollution fault on start up ... car cutting out randomly usually in the 1st quater of mile anti pollution fault codes stored on ECU

this went on for a week changed the fuel filter bled the fuel in engine scanned the BSM etc no codes stored stumped

car came back ran ok for 2 days ...cut out anti pollution fault P1166 ...he was not convinced that there was a problem with high pressure in the fuel rail as the live read showed 290 PSI and car running well out on on road test for 2 hours no climb on the pressure enough for it to cause the cut out advised against changing the fuel pressure switch and the regulator at this time

I have done loads of research reading forums like this and asked him to change the BSM ( under bonnet fuse box) original part used cost fitted £140 apparently on the 59 plate 60 plate c3 Picasso was the model change year and the BSMs were a particular problem and the way they were soldered and bonded in china regardless of whether the washer bottle leaks on the car or shows signs of water

fingers crossed 3 weeks now no anti pollution fault cars running like a dream

hope this helps someone who is chucking parts at the car using a none specialist Garage to fix such a generic fault

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Re: Anti Pollution fault c3 Picasso finally fixed

Post by GiveMeABreak »

Hi and welcome, thanks for sharing your experiences.

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Re: Anti Pollution fault c3 Picasso finally fixed

Post by BKS »

Hello Harryboy
Interesting comment, I have a C5 with a problem that sounds very similar.

Car is driving fine, then all of a sudden a bleep then dashboard warning;- Depollution System Faulty and the engine shuts down dead. No 'Limp Mode', No stutter. It will then start almost immediately.
It even shut down when it was ticking over once.

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Re: Anti Pollution fault c3 Picasso finally fixed

Post by Harryboy »

on the c3 picasso i am led to believe the depollution fault on the dash is specifically around the DPF ... the anti pollution fault is generic code can be a stack of things but your correct the same symptoms its so annoying the random cutting out and dangerous I believe there have been lots of recalls on citroens and pugs over around the 59 plate era with BSMs and ECU's .. what made my overall descion with the BSM is research and the cost compared to stripping the side of engine down to replace the fuel regulator and switch when he had allready been down that side and done the EGR another forum there is a guy who pretty much changed every sensor crank MAF etc spent about 1500 on chucking parts on then did the BSM last ....a mechanic replied if there are no codes stored ... and its very intermittent its probably electrical ... Fuel filter ... BSM .. then sensors/ parts or trade it ... good luck pal in sorting it