Boxer Van 2.0 Cutting Out, Help Needed Please.

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Boxer Van 2.0 Cutting Out, Help Needed Please.

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Hi all. Help needed please. Boxer 2017 2.0ltr. Having an issue with temp sensor shooting up to full scale, only for about a second which then stops the engine, happens mostly when cold but also when hot, sometimes comes up with a message radiator temperature high and sometimes stop safely. Took to main dealer for diagnostic check, told pipe come off throttle doser unit, quoted £250 to replace, told when this replaced the temp sensor issue will also be resolved. Replaced pipe myself still same issue. Have replaced complete thermostat housing including sensor, still the same. Earth lead from engine to chassis didn't look good, also replaced, still the same . Only fault present on diagnostic is PO530, air con sensor. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated as the van is getting slowly undriveable, I am halfway through conversion to camper.