New LED H7 bulbs

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New LED H7 bulbs

Post by ukphiltr7 »

I am looking to replace the existing H7 Halogen bulb to an LED one. I have seen this on ebay and was thinking of buying, they look OK but I was wondering if anyone has done this conversion before. Can anyone give me any words of wisdom on this: ... %3A2334524

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Re: New LED H7 bulbs

Post by Paul-R »

What car are they for? I fitted Philips Ultinon Xtreme to our 308 but they won't fit my C5 X7 as the standard bulbs are held in place by a different system and this prevents the LED bulbs from going in.

I wouldn't expect a very good light from those bulbs linked to. The Philips bulbs use special LED chips which closely match the positioning of the filament in a standard H7 halogen bulb. Four chips per side of each bulb in a straight line. The bulbs in the link have eight chips in three banks (presumably on each side of the bulb) which will smear out the light source and prevent proper focusing and beam control. There's no fan fitted so I wonder how they are kept cool.

The Philips ones are not cheap but it's a case of you get what you pay for.

Oh, one more thing. LED replacement bulbs for halogen are illegal for road use in the UK. That's a decision you'll have to take for yourself though.

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Re: New LED H7 bulbs

Post by GiveMeABreak »

Avoid any LED bulbs for Halogen lamps - they are not approved for road public use in EU countries or the UK and could get you into a spot of bother. The beam patterns will likely be different in any case and may cause dazzling to oncoming drivers.

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Re: New LED H7 bulbs

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