Peugeot 407 SW 2.0 HDI 100KW, 2005.

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Peugeot 407 SW 2.0 HDI 100KW, 2005.

Post by matejjelinek »

I tried to slove this problem for a while now, with no success in either finding solution online or fixing it myself.
I bought this car with 250k km on the clock
It now has 260k km
I serviced the car when I bought it at 250k (all filters + Total oil) and now recently at 260k (air filter, oil filter, cabin filter + Total oil)
So here is where my issues begin
Car has increased fuel consumption
By my estimate fuel consumption is around 8-9L/100km, maybe even more ?!
I believe that is too much for this engine? :roll:
Also car lacks in power on low RPM (1500-2300ish) and even when turbo kicks feels like something is missing
Sometimes I have to shift one or two gears lower if I need to overtake someone
I checked almost all vacum hoses and they are not cracked or split, vacum solenoids have clean filters..there are no blockages

Could it be EGR valve? Or intake blocked with soot? Or turbo actuator? Or injectors?
Im stumped..

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Re: Peugeot 407 SW 2.0 HDI 100KW, 2005.

Post by myglaren »

My first C5 was very poor on the economy - 32 mpg - 7.4L/100Km.
Not exactly sparkling performance either.

I had all the pipes and EGR removed and cleaned, the intercooler too.
the performance gain was impressive - i scared myself when I took it away, up a steep hill.
There was never any improvement in economy.
The C5 that followed it was the same.
Partly my fault, the way it was driven and the short trips.
The Accord that preceded the C5s had the same economy, 32mpg regardless of how it was driven or where - longer journeys in that one.
The current heap - Honda Civic 1.8 petrol - is the worst of them all. 29mpg.

On very long journeys the C5s were very economical. They rarely went on long journeys though.