508 Blue HDi 1.6 - good car or nightmare?

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508 Blue HDi 1.6 - good car or nightmare?

Post by citroenc5london »

I am considering buying 508 with 1.6 Blue HDI engine. Year 2016, around 50 k miles, serviced regularly. There are horror stories about injector, cambelt and turbo all over internet. I wonder if I should pass, or go for it, as car looks good and according to internet, drives really well. I would appreciate more reading on the topic.
So far I found out that there was lot of engines, which are being called 1.6 HDI and the scarry ones are 16 V and from what I understand, all 508 above 2013 had the fine, 8V version. Do I miss something?

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Re: 508 Blue HDi 1.6 - good car or nightmare?

Post by Paul-R »

No, that's correct, the horror stories are about the earlier 16v engines. The Blue HDi engines are redesigned with an 8v cylinder head and bigger clamp bolts for the injectors among other things. It's a good engine and the 120bhp one in our 308 pulls strongly from low revs and frankly the engine feels much bigger than it really is.

I had to replace one of the injectors last year (not a common fault apparently) and at that point discovered that I have an oil leak on the top. It's been reported by other owners and it's probably the cam cover to head that needs doing although it could be the cam oil seal. It's not a huge leak and I'm going to wait until I replace the drive belts before fixing it.

Blue HDi cars obviously use Adblue and this system can present problems on some models. The tank fitted for the first few years can need replacing when the urea pump stops working. The pump isn't available separately and whole tank is not cheap. This new tank also needs coding in with software that has to be downloaded from the PSA servers. We had this problem on our 308. The urea injector can also fail.