Hello :)

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Hello :)

Post by videsupra »

Hello to everyone.
New to the Forum, found it when looking for solution to my not working wipers ( citroen c5 2009r) :oops:
Now I know what to look for =D>
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Re: Hello :)

Post by NewcastleFalcon »

Welcome to the forum videsupra.

Now that you've joined in you might as well become a regular. Help with the car fixing bit if you can, or ask questions of the assembled throng, and for general chat about literally 4,524 subjects, pop over to the Off-Topic Chat Lounge section of the forum and join in.

Regards Neil
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Re: Hello :)

Post by Hell Razor5543 »

Hi, and :welc: to the forum. I had an issue with the wipers on my 2004 C5, in that they got 'stuck' mid sweep (I had been silly enough to return them from the service position when starting the car), and they would not respond to the stalk. I found the relevant fuse, pulled it (it was fine), and then, when I popped the fuse back in, the wipers moved back to the normal park position and didn't play up again.