Telematic Faults

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Telematic Faults

Post by pete-c5 »

Hi guys, some time ago my cd player stoped working, a couple of weeks ago the sat nav cant find saterlites or where it is, and now the reverse sensors have a fault according to the dash board led, I ma lead to belive this may be a fault in the radio/head unit.
Is this right and if so how can I be sure and is there any one that can repair the unit for me
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Re: Telematic Faults

Post by Paul-R »

What vehicle are you talking about here?

Regardless, the first thing you need to do is get the car read for error codes. Ideally a Diagbox or high-end generic code reader should be used. There is a list of FCF members who have Diagboxes (also known as Lexias) who are willing to read other members' cars here viewtopic.php?t=56452