AC picasso 2012

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AC picasso 2012

Post by piki »

hope to find a solution for this here too...
my 2012 deisel c3 picasso , has a ac problem for a while , i have try to partialy clean the evaporator .
also the fan strength is realy low , and i have toto put it on mode 4 or 5 to feel something.
i have tried twice to open the dashboard to gain access to the evaporator , but couldnt get there.
i replce the outer ac radiator as well....
also when i cold outside , it will cool pretty well , but when its hot not so much.
and i checked the air with temp sensor and in the air outlet ,
i it dropped from 13c to around 10c , but in my other car it measured around 5-7c .

any1 know of some known problem in this car? replcae the ac compressor or the evaporator unit?
i checked refrigerant r134a for the right amount , its not the problem

fyi im working at industrial ac ....(diffrent units tho)