C1 tailgate lock barrel and keys

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C1 tailgate lock barrel and keys

Post by Keith J »

Hi, the tailgate lock barrel on my wife's C1 is faulty and won't unlock.

Can anyone point me in the direction of where I can buy a replacement barrel and key please?

Very little on Google and the only individual one I have found is £81 which I'd rather not pay if a lower priced one is available.

Thanks in advance.

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Re: C1 tailgate lock barrel and keys

Post by wheeler »

Your best bet then is to get a complete lock set from a breakers, ideally from a younger car, Breakers usually wont sell a separate lock with key as it means they are unlikely to be able to sell the other locks. The keys & lock barrels are pretty notorious for wearing on the old shape C1/107 so you may well at some point need the other locks. Its usually the ignition barrel that starts playing up first. Out of curiosity have you tried using the spare key in the tailgate lock? If its a non remote central locking model then you can easily swap over the transponder chips so no immobiliser issues.