Door Locking, Interior Light and Multiple Faults

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Door Locking, Interior Light and Multiple Faults

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Good Morning,

I have a 2014 Grand C4 Picasso, in the last few weeks the interior light has stopped functioning correctly when you open the drivers door, When you open the door the car does not seem to recognise that the door is open(it does initially, the interior light illuminates when the door is cracked open then as you open the door further it goes out).

It also does not set off the alarm if the handbrake is off and the door is opened. I would assume this is the door switch, but I cannot find any information regarding the location of the switch and what type it is.

I have also been having a second problem where when you start the car it comes up with multiple faults(Tyre Pressure, Parking Brake, Traction Control, ABS, Hill Hold etc etc) saying they are all not working, along with the ECO start stop not working, I found that if you drive the car about 1 mile then stop and restart all the faults clear, but the ECO start stop still does not work, I read some information that pointed to the battery being weak, I have had the battery changed and the ECO Start Stop started working again, and the faults cleared. The car was used yesterday, and parked at about 16.30, I started it to move it this morning at about 8am and the faults all reappeared, I am wondering if the fault with the door switch could be causing a power drain.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Many thanks in advance


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Re: Door Locking, Interior Light and Multiple Faults

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I would be tempted to have a poke around the door wiring loom, i haven't stripped one myself but i've done a few on older citroens (particularly the xsara saloon) and they can be a bit of a mare to get at as theres not a lot of space between the door and it's frame. It might be worth you testing the rest of the electrical devices on the door, eg, speaker, mirrors, window whilst opening/closing the door, a bit tricky i know whilst the door is in motion but if there's a break in the wiring then they will in theory work intermittently indicating there's a fault in the loom.

As for the actual switch, by which i presume you mean like the old style spring loaded pin ones mounted on the door frame, well these are built into the door catch mechanism & it could well be the mechanism thats on it's way out. I would make sure it does actually 'lock' when you operate the remote, i've changed countless door mechanisms on picasso's, c5's & various others including my own (2005) Peugeot only a few weeks ago but they are not cheap so don't guess it's that at fault.