Berlingo 1.9d problem

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Berlingo 1.9d problem

Post by kieranhaw91 »

Hi, I have a 55 plate Berlingo van with the 1.9d engine that is having trouble. The van won’t Rev past 2-3k and smokes badly (some black some white). It won’t up over 40mph once I’m through the gears up to 5th. I recently serviced it with new oil, all filters and glow plugs. Also had a new MAF sensor fitted recently. Anybody had these symptoms before?

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Re: Berlingo 1.9d problem

Post by wheeler »

Take the air intake pipe of & make sure the vaccum operated butterfly stays fully open when the engine is off, if you manually close it it should spring back open. Start the engine & make sure it doesn’t stay constantly closed when the engine is idling.