Citroen relay van drivers window stopped working

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Citroen relay van drivers window stopped working

Post by seaneylad »

Hello - 1st french vehicle and of couse 1st fault is electrics haha.

Done some research online and facebook to try find a fix

Citroen relay 2.2 2013 plate

Passenger window goes down no issue with switch on that side
Driver side switch wont bring down drivers or passenegers, so i thought fuse or switch. Changed fuse and checked, and have tried 2x 2nd hand oem switchs and 2x chinese copy switches of ebay and same issue.

Can here relay clicking when both buttons pressed but nothing else. Checked loom from van to door and nothing has rubbed through.

not sure what to check next? cant see it being a motor in drivers door etc, as passenger window works but wont go down from drivers side switches :(

Thanks Sean