C Crosser not starting

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C Crosser not starting

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Hi There, first post, but have owned a 2007 C Crosser from new and its now on 95k miles and this is the first real bit of trouble I've had with it.
It has always started 1st time after 3 or 4 churns of the engine but 6 weeks ago it wouldnt catch and keep going. Eventually I got it going, took it for a blast and it went well, no missing etc and pulled strongly. As a precaution, I had a new fuel filter fitted and it continued to be fine for 3 weeks, starting first time as it always had done.
Yesterday, it failed to start, and it still wont. The engine catches after its normal 3 or 4 churns but dies instantly and what ever I do with the throttle I cant coax it in to life.
There are no warning lights on and no messages. Fuses are all good.
So, any ideas? It could be a fuel pump issue, but these seem to be very rare on this engine ( also used in the Freelander 2, 4007 and Mitsi Outlander). Are there any sensors to check or anything else that I could look for - is there a relay for the fuel pump, and if so where is it located?
Thanks for any advice.