C5-X7 BHI - Solenoid Valve controller

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C5-X7 BHI - Solenoid Valve controller

Post by Wedgetail21 »

An unusual request not related directly to a car model.
There are some very technically competent responses on this forum so I thought I'd give it a try?
I wish to use the BHI unit in a unique (not car) vehicle I'm building as a project .
I am using just the rear strut pair from a C5, reservoir and BHI which I wish to drive both up and down as a pair but also independently opposite directions. I intend to effectively use the "front" solenoid valve pair for one strut and "rear" valves for the other . The struts will have individual position feedback.
The BHI is a really well executed compact electro-hydraulic unit and ideal for my packaging.

I suspect the answer is "no way" but it would be ideal is I could reconfigure/ trick the OEM BHI controller to do what I want.
Given this unlikely and I will need to remove the PCB and hardwired the valve coils to a bespoke programmable controller could someone advise to the coil control voltages (12V?) and typical hold currents?
Does the OEM controller use PID/PWM/other control on the valves?
Any replies or links to possible sources of information would be very much appreciated.

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Re: C5-X7 BHI - Solenoid Valve controller

Post by cit-rotti »

there are several different systems for example:
for the C5 everything is controlled via the BHI or
the C6 (AMVAR) has 2 control units - the CSS is the "boss" and the BHI carries out the commands.
I have technical documentation and circuit diagrams for both systems - total size approx. 1.3 GB - but in German.
I cannot judge whether these are "helpful" for your project.
Send email by PM if interested.
Greetings Wolfgang