Citroen C4 Grand Picasso 2.0HDI 2008 fuel cap problem

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Citroen C4 Grand Picasso 2.0HDI 2008 fuel cap problem

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Hi All,

Wondered if someone could shed any light on this for me please?

This all started with not being able to click the outer fuel cover shut once it had been popped for refueling. I assumed the little spring loaded actuator was stuck in the open/retracted position and possibly faulty.
I had a tinker, took the fuel cap housing and over fill pipe off and all appears to be ok. The actuators spring seems fine freely pushes in and out.
The switch seems to be operating as there sounds like a relay click sound coming from somewhere around the fuses in the glove box. This sound was all that seemed to be occurring so I got a replacement actuator from a breaker. Just put it on and still nothing.

Is there a relay that could be knackered hidden in the abyss behind the fuses or under the tray in the engine bay somewhere that operates the fuel cap? Just trying to go through a process of elimination. If there is a relay and it is clicking though, I would naturally assume it's working. Although, I have just noticed that the clicking has now stopped clicking when you push the switch!

What a palaver to open the fuel cap.