308 1.4Vti Several issues

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308 1.4Vti Several issues

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Bought a non runner 2010 308 1.4Vti at a knock down price. Was told won`t run , mechanic said it needs a timing chain. Worse case scenario was a replacement secondhand engine....took a punt. Fault codes were varied and looked like a stretched / work timing chain to me . 9 engine fault codes:
P0597: Controlled thermostat control open....permanent.
P0598: Controlled thermostat control short circuit to earth. ...intermittent.
P0494: Main fan assy status fault coherence....intermittent.
P1338: Cylinder 2 misfire. Intermittent.
P0172: Mixture regulation mixture too rich...intermittent.
P2178: mixture regulation mixture too rich ...
P2237: Upstream oxygen sensor charging resistance open circuit....intermittent.
P0053: Upstream oxygen sensor resistance fault resistance too high...intermittent.
P0011: Inlet camshaft dephasing coherence....intermittent.
Couldn`t find anything wrong with the chain or timing. Chain looked like it had been replaced in the recent past, not stretched and little wear on guides. Timing tools showed timing good. Both oxy sensors heating elements had resistance, cleaned and refitted them. Plugs looked well worn, replaced them and swapped coil 2 and 3 to see if that fault moved. Checked compression....No 1 cyl down ( after a splash of oil in each cylinder ) 100 psi, all others 150 psi.
Cleared all the fault codes. Decided to start it .....started first pull and ran smoothly and drove well, seemed a little down on power, didn`t like 5th gear on local hill. Car ran very cold and temp gauge hardly rose at all. All the fault codes stayed away except the stat . EML light never on. Replaced the stat, cleared the code , took it for a run, Engine ( and guage ) warmed up, fan never came on , even on extended idle , temp gauge showed 90 Deg while code reader live data showed the temp varying between 85 and 106 deg on the run. Got an " Engine ECU fault" warning on the centre screen and shut down and read the codes, P0494 returned ( cooling fan not working ) and P0342 “Inlet cylinder reference sensor signal fault” ( I believe is a cam / crank sensor issue ) at this stage car was down on power on the last run , coolant was gurgling in the tank, and then started to lose coolant. temp gauge never left 90 deg, engine didn`t seem mad hot.
I think the head gasket is blown , probably caused by the fan issue originally and didn`t show its head until engine ran hot enough. I also think I have a piston ring or valve issue on cyl 1 . For those of you who are familiar with these engines, should I bother doing the head / valves ( risk of broken piston ring ) or just get another engine ? . Can ran very smoothly , idled well , possibly less powerful than expected, when the stat was stuck open, even after a 5 mile run. I don`t hear a popping in the exhaust or intake ( valves issue ) during idle. I don`t have a cyl leak off tester or access to an air line to do a cylinder leak off test to see if valves or rings are the issue. Any advice from the experts appreciated. I`m considering pulling the head for a look / see anyway. Is pulling the pistons thro the top and replacing the rings ( if broken ) after a local honing in situ worth the effort ?
regards........Dannyboy 201062