1.9 DW8B LEXIA live data readings retarded/advanced (Please help)

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1.9 DW8B LEXIA live data readings retarded/advanced (Please help)

Post by Andybuk »

Hi all

1.9 dw8b berlingo is down on power

To clarify this is a Lucas pump with electronic advance

My initial thoughts was running retarded as it smokes on acceleration (unburnt fuel) and engine note quieter than others dw8’s I have owned

Mpg is really suffering too

Struggling to find Lexia live data to compare with mine

Van has no faults on any ecu’s bsi injection etc

Starts up well and idles at 970rpm while Glow plug post heating(due to electrical load from glow plugs on for 3 mins after startup) then at 1000rpm until waxstat warms up and idles at 900rpm

All filters changed Bosch

New glow pugs (genuine)

Removed intake cleaned

EGR cleaned but was like new (Removed plastic swirl flap inside egr and egr recirculation pipe in closed position no gasses are entering intake manifold)

New cat and exhaust

New battery

The van has only done 50,000 miles so is like new

If I disconnect tdc or lift sensor the engine note changes to a clatter so I know they are good confirmed by Lexia

Lexia session

Global scan throws no faults actuators functions are normal (Fitted a brand new advance solenoid as thought it might be that) no difference

The live readings I have posted in pics attached

The advance requested and retuned are the same while driving but was wondering what the correct data should be (maybe higher readings) and if somebody maybe was able to check on their van dw8 to cross reference at idle and at speed

If somebody with experience can run their trained eye over live data I would be Very grateful.

The injection pump hub is adjustable but where does it need to be set to as there is a small window of adjustment

Will the base timing adjustment show on live data in Lexia? If advanced etc

Its frustrating as I know how nippy these vans can be when you have them running great and are great on fuel.

Any help much appreciated