Citroen C5 II 2007 cold on left hot on right

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Citroen C5 II 2007 cold on left hot on right

Post by enymal »

Hello everyone,

So I have already seen that there's no problem with the motor. Just have to replace the plastic blue part because is broken.
I have red everything I could find regarding this problem here in the forum but I have one question. I have also seen many vids on youtube but non of them is showing shortcut or anything different than the regular removal of the whole dashboard.

Firstly, most of the info I have found is how to replace the clogs, flaps.. only from the right side through the glove compartment but this doesn't help since my problem is on the left.
Then I found someone who has mentioned that there is a shortcut to remove the dashboard (I understand it that its different (easier) than the conventional way (the one showed in the manuals).

So basically is there a way to replace the clogs on the left without removing the whole dashboard or as I have mentioned above a shortcut?

Can someone help mi out with a tip how to do this because the regular way is so much trouble. Don't have the time or place to do it.


joe ashe
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Re: Citroen C5 II 2007 cold on left hot on right

Post by joe ashe »

Hi, I don't know if you got the problem solved but I had a very similar problem on on my C5 (hot air on one side and cold air on the other side). I took the car to a good Citroen mechanic with a lot of experience with Citroen. According to him the fault lies with the flap that directs the flaw of air. He told me to turn the knurl that controls the degrees of cold or hot air very slowly. It cured the problem. I hope that it will work for you too.
<best regards, Joe Ashe, Denmark