C4 Picasso 2007 air problem (common but drives me crazy)

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C4 Picasso 2007 air problem (common but drives me crazy)

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Hello there my friends. Don't know if this post will be long or not, but I really need your help. I have Citroen C4 Picasso 2007 (VIN VF7**************[VIN obfuscated, can be read by forum staff])
All of these I'll describe now started happening one after another in really short period of time (in 10-14 days in total)

1st problem: My car started blowing cold air on the drivers side. I keep finding that C4 repair kit online, but I also found that's not the solution for C4 Picasso. Can you please give me some directions on what's the solution for Picasso? I can't find it anywhere online with brief description.

2nd problem: I can't control air distribution, so I can't choose between windshield, legs, or face direction. I opened passenger side cover in the footwell (see image https://ibb.co/wyBYB4D) and I'm not sure if all of these are in correct positions. When the car is turned off I can slightly move that round thing and the problem is solved, but when I turn the car off and turn it on again I have the problem again. What's that metal part, what's the purpose of it? I'm a big guy, can't really go in to see what's happening behind the dashboard . This is another pic of that part (https://ibb.co/nRVJkNF). Maybe someone of you can notice if something is weird on the pic .
Also, I found that part on this image (download/file.php?id=20333&sid=afa580b2 ... &mode=view) it's the part number 14, but I still don't know what's wrong with it.

3rd problem: Heater Blower needs at least 20sec to start blowing when I turn on the car. For a few days it even didn't want to start at all .

4th problem: I still sometimes can notice that water is entering my car. I cleaned the rubber things behind the wheel archs, but I still can hear the water waving through my car after some rainy times.

If someone can help somehow before I go to the 'car doctor' it would mean a lot to me.

Take care
And I LOVE my car, but will probably sell it if this continues.