C4 Grand Picasso Heater Motor - which replacement?

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C4 Grand Picasso Heater Motor - which replacement?

Post by Connell »


C4 Grand Picasso 57 Plate, manual aircon.

New to the forum although I've had the C4 for ages.

I had the dreaded issue where the heater motor had stopped working. I removed the footwell trim and got the motor out. Despite running fine when directly connected to a 12v battery, it didn't run when all clipped together and put back into the car.

Ordered a replacement motor and resistor. Got the new motor home to discover it's slightly different. The original has a red and black cable wired directly to the motor housing, whereas the new one just has a male socket for a plug to go into.

>> exactly this issue: Play from about 1:56

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5CbIZXD ... K&index=42

So I replaced the resistor by itself and put it all back in the car. It now works after a fashion but the motor is still squeaky, especially at low speeds and I'd like to replace or refurb it while I've got all the trim off.

I also tried ordering a part from GSF as well today, as the pic on their website matched what I have exactly...when I got there (after an hours driving) I found that the part is the same 'wrong' one that I got from euro carparts. (DENSO DEA07016)

I possibly need DEA07019: From DENSO's online ecatalog: https://www.denso-am.co.uk/e-catalogue/ but where I've found this online the pic looks like it has a socket too :( https://www.autodoc.co.uk/denso/11013682

From the DENSO site:

Engine Codes Application years Transmission A/C Notes Part number OE number
RHJ (DW10BTED4);RHR (DW10BTED4) 10/06-12/13 - DEA07018 6441AR
RHJ (DW10BTED4);RHR (DW10BTED4) 10/06-12/13 + Auto CC DEA07016 6441W8,6441W8
RHJ (DW10BTED4);RHR (DW10BTED4) 10/06-12/13 + Auto CC DEA07017 6431Q1,6441CG,6441CG
RHJ (DW10BTED4);RHR (DW10BTED4) 10/06-12/13 A;Manually controlled DEA07019 6441AS <<<<<<<<<<<<<THIS ONE?


Question 1: - is the part I got from eurocarparts (DEA07016) the right one, i.e. has the original part been superseded with this one?

>> If YES - where do I get the connector cable from ?

>> If NO - any idea what the correct part is or where I can order it from?

Question 2: How easy would it be to strip the original motor to clean it?

Many thanks in advance.


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Re: C4 Grand Picasso Heater Motor - which replacement?

Post by RichardW »

How's your Polish? https://allegro.pl/oferta/wiazka-kabel- ... 8657766140 looks like there is a connector - the box there gives the part no 6436Q1, there are a few on e-bay from France, pricey for a bit of cable!!

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Re: C4 Grand Picasso Heater Motor - which replacement?

Post by Connell »

Thanks - decided to try to get hold of a connector and then try and fit this slightly different motor. Found a used cable on eBay for £15. Otherwise think I’d have just tried making up my own with a couple of spade connectors.