the gearbox gives me hits

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the gearbox gives me hits

Post by arturshehu »

hello! I have a very big problem with the DS5 gearbox. 2.0 Disesel. The gearbox gives me a kick or a wild kick with the colpo when I send it to D.

the car gives me coding. It starts with momentum. departs very harshly. as if someone was hitting me from behind. I changed the original citrus oil. they told me that there are problems with the solenoid valve. i bought them new block. now the car has the same problem.

after diagnosing it does not cause any problems. does not enter any code.

Aisin Tf80sc

I spent a lot of money. I also sent it to the mechanic, he opened the truck and did not find any problem inside. Please who has information to help me.