307cc 2.0 hdi 136. High fuel pressure..

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307cc 2.0 hdi 136. High fuel pressure..

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Hello people.. I have a 2007 307hdi the 136 Bhp. I'm getting a pretty loudish tapping noise when driving/accelerating at first I thought it was the lifters as it's like a tappet sound. But it does not do it when in neutral or when the clutch is pressed... I thought it may have been the flywheel etc but there is no judder etc on clutch pedal and clutch biting point is half way. The noise is like a tappet noise/diesel knock.. I have read the codes and I have p01166 which says high fuel rail pressure...I havenordered the fuel rail pressure sensor but I have been told this will not be the issue. I have serviced the car using Bosch filters and the correct oil 800 miles ago. Any advice is appreciated. Thankyou.