DS5 - rear spoiler mounting

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DS5 - rear spoiler mounting

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I own a ds5 of 2015 since a couple days and I found some minor issues to fix in the near future.

I recognized that the rear spoiler was a bit loose on the outside, even tough the screws were tightened properly. After disassembling the spoiler I found out that there are brackets on the left and right to hold the spoiler in place, but both retaining clips were missing.
I searched the web for a replacement of the clips but i was not successful.
Does anyone of you guys know if there is a spare part available for this clips.

for now I tried to fix it with a high strength double sided tape, but I am not really happy with this solution
Thanks in advance and cheers

Spoiler bracket, spoiler side
Spoiler bracket, spoiler side
Spoiler bracket car side
Spoiler bracket car side