DS7 Heater Malfunction

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DS7 Heater Malfunction

Post by Iansel »

Chilly this morning but not below 0 degrees, no frost, no scraping. Had to drive over to Oxford so leapt in the car and slung coat,hat and gloves on drivers seat. Heated seats on and set off After 8 minutes nice warm bum but noticed even thought the Temp gauge was now showing 90 degrees no heat from the heater.

Tried every combination of button presses all to no avail. Even tried stopping and turning engine off and on again.

Stopped put coat, hat and gloves on. Could have done with a heated steering wheel! Continued to Oxford shivering.

Car stationary for 6 hours then started for return journey. Heating worked fine!

Any one got any ideas or had similar problem

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Re: DS7 Heater Malfunction

Post by myglaren »

Presumably the DS7?
Both my C5s had similar issues. It was mostly the passenger side that would be max temp with no chance of altering it. Had to drive almost all the way to Cambridge in torrential rain with the windows open. Naturally all was well on the return journey.
I put it down to the control of the heater/blower flaps going on strike temporarily and refusing to operate the stepper motors.

Happened about a dozen times, completely randomly.