Citroen 2016 GP electrical problems !

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Citroen 2016 GP electrical problems !

Post by johntech »

Hello Everyone
Problem No 1
My 2016 GP has developed the following problem. Everything ok for first mile or so then manual gear selection with paddles will not work and cannot select manual with lever it stays in auto.
After about another 10 miles display pops up "Gear Box Fault etc".
Local dealer has diagnosed and says requires new " Actuator 9802017380" at £1000 plus !!!
Has anyone had similar problems please ?
As a retired engineer it sickens me that an item supposedly costing £1000 has a life of only 4 years and secondly cannot be repaired for a reasonable sum !
I have owned Citroen cars for the last 35 years and never had a bill of anything like this magnitude.
Plus of course I was assured that the automatic gearbox were extremely reliable as they are made in Japan !
I assume the actuator is of French production !
I am a little suspicious that the actuator may not be the problem as the "Paddles" do not function - which do not rely on the actuator mechanically "setting" the gearbox.
The above problem appears to have fixed itself the day after the diagnosis to be replaced 2 days later by another.
"Parking Brake" faulty ! two icons lit plus service lamp and bleep!
Which means another expensive trip to Citroen service.
Any thoughts gratefully received.
As a retired electronics engineer I would dearly like to obtain some circuit diagrams of the c4 with EAT 6 transmission. It would appear such information is classified top secret!!!

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Re: Citroen 2016 GP electrical problems !

Post by GiveMeABreak »

The Actuator is sold at £919.36 inc. VAT excluding fitting of course. So not the gearbox at all, but the implementation / control of it. It's all electronic as you have surmised, with the paddles just simple electronic controls.

The systems are highly integrated (Engine ECU, ESP ECU, BSI, Auto Box ECU etc.) so a problem with one system can have a knock-on effect with other systems and will, depending on the fault, probably disable some features when one of the systems throws a wobbly, resulting in a backup mode for safety.

Citroen of course have the latest electronic diagnostic kit connected directly to their servers, so would be aware of any issues that another garage would not necessarily be aware of. Yes, they cost more, but the training and equipment has high costs. Be aware though that your latest issue may be related to the gearbox fault as I mentioned.

The EAT6 gearbox is relatively newish and I've not heard of any issues with it to date - but again this may be an actuator issue and not a gearbox fault as such. They would have had specific fault codes to point to the actuator though. If it's not resolvable via a software update, then there is probably very little to 'fix', hence a replacement is now more commonly the way they go sadly ....

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Re: Citroen 2016 GP electrical problems !

Post by quintet »

Has the dealer carried out a software update or at least checked to see if it has the latest software? it may not be of huge use but the software version is usually printable (or at least it used to be possible for a dealer to print it out) which might at least prove informative for future reference for yourself. Early c2/3's fitted with the sensodrive setup sometimes suffered with gear change issues where a software download sometimes sorted it.

looking up that part number there are a few actuators on e bay so that might be a cheaper option but you'd certainly have to look into the compatibility of the part & it may well need configuring to suit the car so if a dealer is willing to fit a second hand part you supplied there will obviously be no warranty. At the cost of around £1000.00 i'd be tempted to put in for a "goodwill" claim (especially if it has a full service history) but thats entirely up to the dealership to say yes or no to that.