Dispatch Gearbox rumble..

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Dispatch Gearbox rumble..

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Hi looking for some advice please my dispatch 2.0hdi 13 plate 6 speed 120k has developed a typical & worsening wheel bearing rumble/drumming noise over the last 1000 miles. I assumed it to be front wheel bearings as that was the case on my last dispatch but I've just stripped out and replaced them no difference. Cv boot was split 1 side still greased but looked a bit dry so replaced the joint just in case. Tried 2 different wheels no change back wheels spin up quietly. It starts from as low as 30 mph in or out of gear. The gearbox to be fair started making a rumble at low speeds a while back Im thinking it could be the gearbox. I need the van right & if it needs a new box so be it but don't want to miss diagnose obviously. Was considering a molyslip additive to see if that calms it down & i'll be a bit more certain its the box but when I put the reg into Halfords website it says its not suitable? Any suggestions appreciated 👍