Car starts hard

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Car starts hard

Post by CitroenForFree »

When i turn the key the starter spins but dosen't engage . my ignition cylinder is loose

as well as the key inserted in

I have to push and drag upwards the key to start the car, but seems that dosen't work anymore.

The car has a new battery and a checked and cleaned starter.

Should i make a copy of the key or buy another ignition cylinder?
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Re: Car starts hard

Post by GiveMeABreak »

If the starter is turning over but the engine is not starting, it sounds like an immobiliser issue. Have you checked the battery in the key fob?

It could also be the transponder coil or the ignition barrel. These can weaken and damage the barrels if lots of objects have been put on a keyring for example or even just one or two heavy items. As the car moves about, the weight of the objects on the key ring weaken the shaft.

Try putting the key int he ignition, turning the ignition on and holding a fob button down for a few seconds, then release the key. This should reinitialise the key. If this does not work and the fob battery is good, then you'll need to get it diagnosed with Lexia to see what part if the system is not working.