Wires cut

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Wires cut

Post by FloppydiscDK »

Hello World.

We just yesterday bought a 2007 Citroën C5 1.6 HDI Weekend. This is our second C5, as we previously had a petrol 2.0I 16V Weekend from 2004. However, this is my first post in this forum...;-)

I've attached a picture from the fuse box under the steering wheel. Apparently a previous owner has left four wires cut... A green, a white, a yellow and a purple. Anybody who can tell me what purpose the might have had...?


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Re: Wires cut

Post by xantia_v6 »

The wires should all have numeric codes printed on them, in the photo I can see that the white wire is "0834" if you can give the codes of the other wires, it will be easier to check where they should be connected. It may also help if you give us the VIN of the vehicle.

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Re: Wires cut

Post by GiveMeABreak »

I've just had a quick check of 0834 - nothing coming up at all for that on the 1.6 C5 MK II

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Re: Wires cut

Post by Steve Walsh »

Looks a bit like fusebox on my wife's C4, there a quite a few going nowhere, I figured they are for accesories as there are blank switch holes nearby

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Re: Wires cut

Post by wheeler »

They will be repair wires, many citroens have had them for years, you will find the other end of them in the under bonnet fusebox compartment, You need to lift up the fusebox to get to them. They are designed for things like adding accessories or repairing wires without having to drill new holes or puncture existing grommets. They are very handy.