3008 Hybrid, tyres / pulling away

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3008 Hybrid, tyres / pulling away

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Last by time I bought 4 new tyres for my Automatic, I did notice one was all scrubbed off. I now notice that it seems to pull away from a cold start, hard on one tyre only, and the colder it is, like now, the worse it is. When it's really cold I can hear and feel it skidding the tyre when pulling away normally. It only happens whilst the engine is cold and when it warms up it pulls away fine, and if I pull away fast it then drives both tyres fine. Anyone else with an automatic spinning one tyre when the engine is cold?

Pretty sure this is not model specific but Peugeot auto specific so I want this keeping open to all. Yes these are 4 brand new tyres. I'm wondering whether the differential needs topping up, and if so is it separate from the engine fwd
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