407 1.6 HDI Thermostat

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407 1.6 HDI Thermostat

Post by Aarcan »

My 407 has a top mounted thermostat on the housing. Looking at on the internet the housing seems have been updated so that thermostat is built in and temp plug on back. Anyway anyone got a part number for my thermostat. Rather replace thermostat that complete housing if possible.

Many thanks in advance

The only parts finder I can find shows my housing and thermostat type?
https://www.ilcats.ru/peugeot/?function ... anguage=en

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Re: 407 1.6 HDI Thermostat

Post by xantia_v6 »

Are you sure that the item you have photographed is the thermostat? It does not look right to me.

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Re: 407 1.6 HDI Thermostat

Post by petarc1971 »

In the diagram from the link, the thermostat is not marked with a number, the diagram refers to rubber hoses, and the thermostat can be seen next to the number 76. What is in the picture is not a thermostat, the thermostat is made of plastic.