Berlingo BSI replaced, now instrument cluster not working.

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Berlingo BSI replaced, now instrument cluster not working.

Post by jtshep »

Hi all, new here hoping to get some pointers on my Berlingo issues.

So I had intermitted stop light flashing at me. Thought nothing of it. Then a week or so later I came out to my van and it wouldn't start at all. Instrument cluster was lit up. Backlights constantly on with or without the key in. Headlights on, no gauges working and so on. Thought after reading up the BSI was at fault. So I pulled it out and it was completely full of water!
Sent that off to a company to hopefully have it sorted. They called me to say it's beyond repair, but offered me a replacement unit that's been virginised and would just require programming. So got the replacement unit, with the 4 digit key code.
Fired up Lexia, ran though the BSI instillation, programmed the key, told it what ECUs it had and so on. Turned the key and hey presto van starts!
- Now my instrument cluster is the same as it was before. Backlights on, all warning lights on, non gauges working and now displays line in the mileage instead of numbers, cluster staying on with the key out. Only difference is now the stalks work correctly i.e can turn headlights on and off etc.
I went into the BSI with Lexia and I can activate the gauges manually to test and they seem to work but that's it. I tried going back in and configuring what I could manually and it doesn't seem to matter what I do it doesn't make any difference.
For a brief moment and I mean like 2 seconds the cluster read 0's on the mileage and then went back to lines.
BSI reports communication fault [permanent] with instrument cluster, and after going into the instrument cluster it also shows a communication error with the engine ECU.

Am I looking at a fault cluster now or is my configuration wrong?

Would really appreciate anyone's thoughts on this.


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Re: Berlingo BSI replaced, now instrument cluster not working.

Post by admiral51 »

Hi and welcome to the forum
I always get confused with terms, are you referring to the main engine fusebox or a particular ECU, reason for asking is that if it is the fusebox you have replaced as far as i know they are plug and play, no need for programming.
I strongly suggest you post more info of the vehicle in question, vin number would be a must in my opinion, think you have more going on than just a BSI

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Re: Berlingo BSI replaced, now instrument cluster not working.

Post by wheeler »

Before you go any further with this have you sorted the problem that caused the water to get in there in the first place?
If this is a mk2 The most likely culprit in my experience is a poorly fitted replacement windscreen.
What is the wiring harness plugs like? have they been cleaned & properly dried out?
And yes need more vehicle details, The Mk 1, 2 & 3 all have a different electrical architecture.

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Re: Berlingo BSI replaced, now instrument cluster not working.

Post by Hagrid »

If you do need to replace the cluster, first there are lots on eBay at low prices and all you need to deal with is one screw and one plug (on M59 models anyway).

But you must make sure that the one you buy has a lower mileage on its display than your car has done - if the mileage isn't stated in the ad, walk away.

Both the cluster and the ECU independently store the car's mileage, and to prevent clocking by swapping the cluster for a lower mileage one, whenever it is replaced the whole system adopts whichever mileage (ECU or cluster) is higher - so if your car's done say 50k and the new cluster has 150k on it, then your car will clock up an extra 100k if you install that cluster.