DS7 Warm up time

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DS7 Warm up time

Post by Iansel »

I noticed a couple of days ago for the first time that the car seems to take an inordinate length of time to warm up.

When it was freezing it took a full 10 minutes driving to get to 90 degrees. Even today from 9 degrees outside it took 7 minutes to get to 90 degrees.

2019 Prestige. Diesel

Is this normal?

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Re: DS7 Warm up time

Post by p4n05 »

My DS5 is the same. Diesel engines usually take a lot longer to warm up compared to petrol ones.

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Re: DS7 Warm up time

Post by admiral51 »

Providing the interior heater is providing good heat well before the engine temp hits 90 then pretty sure it is normal