Citroën relay swerves above 50mph

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Citroën relay swerves above 50mph

Post by LinaCuck1607 »

Wondering if any one can help, I've got a couple of issues with a mk1 Relay 2.0.
I know that my track rods need replacing, but recently, the van swerves when cruising above 50 mph and you take your foot off of the accelerator pedal.
Is it related to my track rod issues?
Any help is most welcome...


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Re: Citroën relay swerves above 50mph

Post by white exec »

This sounds extremely dangerous, and you should get the Relay into a good tyre depot for a tracking/steering check without delay. Most tyre depots will also fit new TRE's, if they are the problem.

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Re: Citroën relay swerves above 50mph

Post by Michel »

Sounds like lower arm bushes or ball joints to me. I had a Xantia that did the same thing - it’d pull right when accelerating and left when braking. This was Rattiva II which Jim bought off me and sorted.

I also had a Capri 2.8 where the TCA bushes had simply perished and fallen out when I collected it. That was “interesting” to drive 🤣

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Re: Citroën relay swerves above 50mph

Post by wheeler »

A very common issue on early Relay’s is the top strut bearings seize & it stops the steering self centering & gives the impression of a bad steering pull.

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Re: Citroën relay swerves above 50mph

Post by myglaren »

One of my daughters recently had similar symptoms. Steering ball joint worn. Came on quite suddenly.

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Re: Citroën relay swerves above 50mph

Post by quintet »

If you cant see any thing obvious i would agree with what 'Wheeler' says and check the top mountings, they can be a bit of a faff to get to as i recall as the mountings are within the footwell(s) but i've replaced a few of these in the past and found the alloy housing for the bearing broken up when it's been removed from the vehicle.