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Hi Guys,

Bit new here so hoping you can help me out because there seems to be a lack/conflicting information.

I drive a petrol 2011 Citroen DS3 DSport 1.6 THP 156 and driving home from work today I got an error code pop up, assumed it was the turbo warning since this popped up a couple of days ago so assumed not much to worry about. On the way home I noticed a severe lack of power and got home to realise there was a new error code (P0087).

Having a look on this forum and others I noticed most people pointed towards replacement of the HPFP something I've been aware of for a while as a common problem.

However, I came across this site for replacing the HPFP as a tutorial who said to run a few checks before hand to confirm the problem.(https://www.nomaallim.com/replace-the-h ... -pump.html)

It said to check the fuel pressure readings and it said a low fuel pressure, a symptom of the HPFP failing, should show fuel pressure of around 5 bar or less upon startup. So I plugged in my OBD2 and it was reading a solid 5kPa or 50 bar at start up, fluctuating slightly since its cold which would indicate there isn't a problem with the HPFP since the figures the tutorial was able to read after its replacement was around 50 bar.

I'm now doubting if it is the HPFP but I can't find anything anywhere to suggest alternatives and obviously I'd rather not replace a £300+ part if I don't have too.

Any other suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

Cheers guys.