308 P9 electric handbrake rear brake pad & disc change

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308 P9 electric handbrake rear brake pad & disc change

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Hi All,
For information: I have changed the rear brake pads/discs on a 308 MKII (2015) fitted with an electronic handbrake, without the Peugeot programming tool.
Notes on specific points:
1. To release the brakes initially, engine off, chock the car, turn on the ignition (it doesn't have to be running), press the footbrake, depress the handbrake lever (handbrake off waring displayed), switch-off ignition. The brakes are now off. As you open the door the warning bleeper sounds which can be ignored (if the car has been chocked to prevent it rolling!). Note this is a normal procedure for low temperatures or long storage, see the user manual section parking brake -special cases.
2. This is the step where care is needed as I guess it is not really a "normal procedure". To retract the piston, disconnect the wiring to the motor, then undo the 2 bolts holding on the black electric motor. Carefully remove the motor taking care not to damage or contaminate the gear, seal or grease. The piston can now be compressed.
3. After changing the pads and discs I simply refitted the motor, then repeated the replacement on the other side. Pulling the parking brake lever then re-applied the brakes. No calibration or re-programming required. Note that I did have to pull the lever twice to get the brake fully on.